As a franchise owner, you get a number of breaks that you wouldn’t receive starting a from-scratch business. People know the name already, you have products, and more. However, you must help spread the word that your location is open and ready for business. Seeking a few simple ways to promote your franchise? Look no further than the five ideas below.

1.  Website: Your website is the first and sometimes only form of communication that a customer will have with the business. Make a good first, second, and third impression by building an impressive website that has information, products, lots of color photos, and easy navigation.

franchise social media

2.  Social Media: If you are not a part of the social media world, you are missing a plethora of benefits. With a social media page, you can maintain contact with customers, build relationships, offer new products, and more. Make sure to include franchise social media in your promotional plans.

3.  Word of Mouth: Word of mouth never fails to bring results. Always tell people about your franchise, current sales and specials, etc. whenever you can. It starts a great conversation and helps promote your business.

4.  Blog: Blogging gives you the chance to talk about subjects related to the business of interest to you. The blog builds your reputation and helps others see that you are an expert in your field. It can also build insight into things customers want and help promote your brand.

5.  Direct Mail: Direct mail marketing gives you the chance to effectively reach customers with information, coupons, special deals, incentives, and more. It is inexpensive as well. Consider direct mail campaigns for your future endeavors.

The above ideas are among the many ways to promote your franchise and get the success that you want. Do not wait to do things the right way!