Did you know that many plants help keep pests off your property? If you have a green thumb, it is easy to add a plant or two to the landscape and boost curb appeal and reduce pest presence. People who are not so garden savvy can still find an array of plants that they can grow to keep pests away. What are some of the best plants to keep pests out of your yard and home?

·    Marigold: Great to deter mosquitoes, lice, and even rabbits, Marigolds should be planted closely to garden beds for best results.

·    Chrysanthemums: There is no better plant to keep pests out of your lawn. This one keeps many pests away, including ticks, ants, roaches, bed bugs, and even roaches.

·    Basil: Plant basil and you can access this herb for cooking any time it is needed, minus the trip to the market. It also deters mosquitoes, ticks, and even fruit flies. Plant basil near the door.

·    Lavender: Although most people love the scent of Lavender, that is not the case with many pests like mosquitoes that hate the smell. Bring your lawn to life with a lavender plant and enjoy a great smell at the house without pests.

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·    Citronella: did you know that citronella is actually a type of grass? It repels mosquitoes like no other product can. Plant citronella grass in the lawn for a beneficial pest control remedy.

You should also schedule professional residential tick control smyrna. Professional service keeps ticks and other pests away so there is one less worry filling your mind. They bring the right tools and products to the job to treat your pest problem. Most stand behind their service and offer top-notch treatments at affordable rates. If you hate the idea of pests coming to your home, plant the plants and call the pros!